Online Casino Bonuses – Types of Bonuses and How to Receive Them

Online casinos offer a vast assortment of bonuses to their players. New players at online casinos are offered an array of bonuses to entice them to the casino. Loyal players are offered even more bonuses to keep them as loyal players. Now that you know online casinos offer bonuses, let’s take a look at what some of them consist of, including some terms and conditions of the bonuses.

A new player may be offered a no deposit required bonus. This is a free chip that can be claimed to try a casino out. In most cases, money can be cashed out from these bonuses as long as the terms are met. New online gamblers are also offered free spins. Free spins are placed in a new casino account on a specific game where money can be won and then wagered after that. New players are also offered first, second and even third deposit bonuses. There are some casinos that will offer up to twenty first deposit bonuses. These are bonuses that are a percentage bonus. The percentage a player can receive will be calculated on the amount of the deposit they make into the casino.

Loyal players at most casinos are offered deposit bonuses throughout the whole time they are a player at a specific casino. Every once in a while free chip bonuses are given to loyal players as a way to reward an online gambler. This is a very nice gesture that the casino do to keep their members happy.

Casinos will either have you claim a code to receive the bonus or call support to be credited the bonus. There are online casinos that will automatically credit the account with the new player bonus or deposit bonus. Of course, receiving the bonus automatically is ideal but calling or using live chat to claim the bonus is a breeze. Entering a coupon code in the cashier is a simple process too.

All bonuses will come with terms and conditions. The main terms are playthough amounts are placed on the deposit and bonus combined and maximum cashout amounts set on the bonuses. What these terms mean are that a player who claims the bonuses has some limitations to what they can cash out and requirements to fulfill before a cashout is allowed. Playthrough is the amount that one must wager before they can cashout and this is set by each individual casino per bonus. The maximum cashout is the amount set by the casino as to what amount you can bring home from the bonus. Keep in mind also, that some bonuses are not cashable. This means that when it comes time to cashout, the bonus amount is subtracted out of the requested cashout. Do not cut yourself short and make sure you check to see if the bonus you are claiming comes with this type of rule.

It is up to the individual online gambler to make sure they read all terms and conditions of all bonuses claimed so one can maximize their playing and cashout experience. There are too many times where an expected cashout is denied because all of the rules were not followed.

Even though there are rules attached to bonuses, receiving them couldn’t be any more simple and boosting your bank roll is a great way to increase your odds at walking away with a jackpot.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses – Get Bonuses Without Deposits

If you love to gamble but finding it difficult to take the time out to go to casinos its time that you give online gambling a shot. Did you know that you can easily find a No Deposit Casino on the internet? No you don’t have to travel any distances, waste money on your gas or petrol, waste your precious time spent in real life casinos, none of that at all, because now you can find the same fun only a few clicks away. Most importantly, gambling is not even legal in many states, and if you happen to live in such a state I’m sure you will love the thought of having a No Deposit Casino on the internet where you can turn to when you really feel the need to enjoy the thrill of gambling.

A No Deposit Casino is the best option to try out if you are new to the whole world of online casinos and gambling. The best thing about a No Deposit Casino is that you get initial bonuses of cash without having to make any initial deposit with your own cash. The minute you signup at a No Deposit Casino you can get straight to the fun of playing games and slots with the bonus you just got without risking any money of your own. Though most bonuses on a No Deposit Casino are limited for a specific time period, they sure are a great option for all those who are craving a little extra fun for the weekends without having to go anywhere far.

When you log on to the internet you will have to do a little research to find the best No Deposit Casino. There are plenty of websites but not all of them are actually legitimate and fair. Casino Top Lists is a good place to get a review on any No Deposit Casino that you are interested in. This website will also give you names of other ones that you can try out and will surely be worth your time. You can also check out Bonus Rating for a review on any No Deposit Casino you have your eye on. These are some of the few legitimate and authentic websites that you can rely on for information and guidance. Then when you enter a No Deposit Casino I’m sure you must have some games in your mind that you are more interested in playing. So better look for a No Deposit Casino that actually offers bonuses on the games you want to play and not the ones you are least interested in.

Before getting started on any No Deposit Casino it is always advised that you fully read all their terms and conditions to know what you are in for. Once you are satisfied with everything and you set up your own account at that No Deposit Casino you can then go ahead and either download the games if that is necessary or just click and start enjoying your night.

New Casino Bonuses – Get New Bonuses from Online Casinos

Online casinos are notorious in offering new casino bonuses. These offers are derived creatively and in an ingenious way on a regular basis to entice new and regular players on their site. There are different types of new casino rewards that every casino can derive.

Casinos offer new casino bonuses as a marketing strategy for both new players making first attempts and those loyal players making subsequent deposits too. This strategy of offering new casino bonuses is meant to entice new payers to return and make as more deposits as possible. In addition, the sense of offering new casino bonuses brings out the perception from player that the casino is literally giving away free money in return to plain commitment.

The casino normally will credit the account of the player in multiples of the deposit amount however, every casino has new casino bonuses requirements known as house edge limits such that the player does not simply walk out with the casino’s money. At the same time, the new casino wagering conditions should not be so high that the player feels that he has been coned by making deposits with no bonus returns.

To make the desired profit from the new casino bonuses therefore, casinos are putting restrictions in playing certain types of games so that the wager conditions are fulfilled. First they may limit the number of players playing low e-edge games or risk free types of games. On the same note, the number of times that one can play these types of games is restricted to a certain level.

Knowing the terms and conditions of the game when playing new casino bonuses is very important such that you should know that the amount of bonus offer or the best of them all does not necessarily come from the high bonus cash deposit you make but sometimes this might just depend on the game itself.

As described earlier, the first deposit is very important for casinos to capitalize on the new casino bonuses. The player’s first deposit determines the bonus value that he will receive under the terms and conditions of playing the new casino bonuses play.

The subsequent deposit formulate a second type of new casino bonuses deposits, this works in the sense that the series of deposits that the player makes constitutes entries to earning new casino bonuses. This is different from the first type of new casino bonuses mentioned above such that instead of earning a onetime bonus based on the percentage of the deposits, the more the series of deposits that the player makes, the more the new casino bonus cash.

Another type of new casino bonuses is free play time. In this case, the casino offer free credits for the player to spend on as many wagers as possible, otherwise, the new casino bonuses games usually sets a time limit for this option like one hour. In case the player succeeds to play the game within the limited time, he gets a predetermined profit and keeps the bonus.

Casino Deposit Bonuses – Make your Deposit and Get Bonuses

There are wide variety of casino deposit bonuses which have different features and requirements. However, for a player it’s important to check some common features for a good casino to subscribe. For instance; it should be licensed and should be operating legally through authorization.

Also one should verify the casino’s payout rates; that is the game should be fair and the rates ought to be examined minimally once per month by reliable auditors. The casino should be in the market for several years or is part of a group of popular casinos that have been in business for many years. This gives the player confidence to sign up and one is assured of good terms and conditions.

Nevertheless, casino deposit bonuses are not very direct and require one to research and know precisely how they work for every casino. It’s thus crucial to check the website of every casino on the pages indicated bonuses or promotions for clear details.

Casinos can be grouped into two main categories; casinos where everybody can play irrespective of their origin and casinos where only players from outside US can play. Similarly, this further gives us two categories of casino deposit bonuses; all players and the non US players casinos.

Despite the so many casinos, all of them reward their players generously for their loyalty. Even if the casino deposit bonuses are considerable, the players still have chances for extra chips on normal basis. A number of such casinos update their sites almost daily and others ensure they email their players weekly.

Since there are many casinos operating online there are different ways casino deposit bonuses are disbursed. For instance, some require a coupon code whereas others you can operate without. Others the player requires to claim for the bonus earlier before any deposit is made while others it’s not necessary.

The first thing a player requires is to identify his location as per the two categories discussed above. Next after joining the casino, the player is entitled to several other bonuses which one can claim continuously. These bonuses enable one to have extra cash to play and several opportunities at your disposal to win. Some of the common bonuses include; table games bonuses, video poker bonuses and slots bonuses.

Casino deposit bonuses have currently increased and every online casino has different offers. This is because these bonuses can be very rewarding when the player is careful and plays smart. Therefore it requires good review for one to find them and to maximize on them also needs good exposure. However, regular players who have enough experience usually benefit much from these bonuses easily.

Casino deposit bonuses for the non US players are the most common casinos and the greatest in the net currently. They offer the best quality of games and different varieties although they are not available in US. On the other hand, casino deposit bonuses for all players are casinos that accommodate even the US players although not prominent as the former. The bonuses offered by these casinos are the greatest and also huge in comparison to the others in the net.

Match Casino Bonuses – Get Match Bonuses on your Deposits

Most match bonus casinos offer match deposit bonus to encourage new players to sign up and also as a strategy of rewarding existing deposits from different players. The common match bonuses normally reward deposits to a certain maximum amount and others have great offers.

A number of casinos offer certain number of match bonuses after one joins. For instance, deposits match for the initial two, three or four deposits can be offered as a match bonus. Other match bonus casinos offer the player additional bonus in case they use a particular deposit method. It’s therefore crucial to understand the regulations of match bonus casino before making any deposit.

Match bonuses have been regarded as the most regular bonuses offered in most online casinos. They are popular because casinos are capable of mitigating most of the risks related to giving free money through using this route. Other types of bonuses like no deposit bonuses are more prone to bonus misuse from hoax players.

Match bonuses based on percentages obligate the player to make initial deposit for them to get free cash from the casino. However, this is usually a matched percentage of the amount the player had deposited. Such bonuses vary and mostly they change according to the current offers and promotions that match bonus casino are running.

Mostly the match bonuses mainly depend on the initial deposit a player made in the match deposit casino, although there are different sites which offer bonuses called staggered match deposits. In case the only deposit utilized is the first one, consequently a maximum and a minimum deposit will be offered as a match.

There are only very few casinos which offer a match deposit or other similar bonus on a deposit which is below $20. Match bonus casinos which offer the staggered form normally permit for more amount of money and usually use a deposit system with three to five stages. In this case the larger matches are allocated to the deposits made later.

Match deposit and sign up bonuses do not depend on how nice a casino is, but they focus on doing business. Most casino gamblers normally choose their preferred gaming rooms according to those free offers; hence the competitiveness nature of a casino bonus might be the difference of its success and failure.

Most match bonus casinos offer different forms of bonuses which are presented in various forms. Thus a certain casino site has different possibilities offered to the players. Match deposit bonus is the most popular type of welcome bonus offered in most online casinos. Match bonus casinos present a deposit match in form of a bonus to new players commonly presented as free casino credits.

Therefore, the amount that a certain casino will offer to a new player as a free bonus solely relies on the amount deposited initially. Thus sign up casino bonus which is offered to new members as an incentive is not free money as per say but originates from their initial deposit. This kind of a cycle enables business in online casinos to continue and also assists them to encourage new players to sign up.

Loyalty Casino Programs – Get Comp Points, Rewards, Bonuses and Levels at Online Casinos

With competition emerging between thousand of casinos all over the world, most of them are engaged in marketing strategies battling out to win customer loyalty. Such programs and benefits include free huge bonuses, complementary meals, big discounts, loans to active members and many more. The question of whether the objective of such programs is achieved or not is the one to ponder and needs a thoughtful answer.

Casinos are smart at this art of enticing their regular players and winning their loyalty over. The loyalty casino program achieves the objective by giving a membership cards that can be used by players to swipe when doing any online transactions e.g. casino games, hotels, supermarkets or mega stores. The casino then uses the data obtained from the transactions to identify the preferences of their players with regard to games and slot machines to design suitable ways of enticing them to stick with the site.

By use of the membership card, the casino is able to use the tracking technology to obtain extra information on the customer and hence the casino is able to establish a better loyalty casino program and at the same time maintain an appreciable profit.

The customer-casino relationship too is enhanced as the casino attempts to cement the relationship using customized loyalty casino program to their players as much as possible. A Loyalty casino program can be in any form; these can be very confusing to new players, but the major ones include the following:

Bonus points

These are points gained by the player by making wagering transactions. This is the basic rate of used to reward loyal players and sometimes it might be referred using other terms like comp point but it is the same thing. It may be something like 2 points for $ 20 spent on wagering at the casino site. These points can be saved in the players account in the same way like money. When the player accumulates enough of them, he can redeem by converting them to rewards either automatically or at any time he wants.


The most common reward on loyally casino program is the use of the bonus points converted to cash, though the money rewarded cannot be cashed out but you can use it on the casino games and even win real cash or extra bonus when you are lucky at the bets. However, it is possible to find some casinos providing other reward like prizes and shopping vouchers.


Every casino sets its loyalty casino program to win over the players across a long period of time. For a beginner, the start is obviously at the bottom, when he wages more; he earns more points making him climb up the ladder depending on the amount of deposits that he makes. This trend grows and the more the money the player wages, the better more bonus points he gets hence the rise up the ladder and the better the conversion rates for their loyalty casino program points earned.

Auction Variation

The auction variation system is the most common of the entire variation program used in the casino market. This program work in the sense that players earn their wagering bonus points and use them win other prizes as well.

In conclusion, there are a lot of direct these programs in the casino market. If used properly, these programs can reward very well both to the casino company and the player. Though they are meant to give reward to loyal casino players, the program can also be used as a recommendation platform for new players in the market.