1 Hour Free Play Casino Bonuses – Get Free Bets Bonuses

The trend of online gambling has fast spread all over the world with now hundreds of websites offering games and slot machines for gambling lovers to come through their money at them and win huge prizes. This industry has become quite lucrative with the number of people developing a passion for online gambling constantly increasing. With this wide spread trending of players the number of casinos available online are also quite high. This increases competition and thus online casinos are always striving to come up with new and unique ideas and promotional packages to keep their customers loyal to them and attracted again and again.

Casinos offer lots of promotional deals which include free bonuses and prizes. Most bonuses are in the form of free cash which goes directly into the account of the player. However some casinos prefer to give out a 1 hour free play casino bonus instead. The advantage of this 1 hour free play casino bonus is that it does not become too costly for the casino operators while it also gives those who love to play more time to enjoy themselves while also increasing their chances of winning. Because it is obvious that the longer you will play the more chances you will have of winning a spectacular prize. This is why a lot of online gamblers now prefer to get a 1 hour free play casino bonus instead of any cash in their account which sometimes is not enough to play for as much as they want.

The problem with giving out a cash based bonus instead of a 1 hour free play casino bonus is that in most cases they simply reward the player with the same amount he or she deposited. Now if a player is not much interested in putting his own hard earned money at stake and decides to only deposit another five or ten pounds then the bonus he will get will be just another five or ten pounds. This would not mean much to him as it will not be enough to probably play as long as he wants. On the other hand when a player gets awarded with a 1 hour free play casino bonus he or she can simply go ahead and start playing any game that they want for a whole hour. Now in this whole hour they can win some really exciting prizes which will be totally worth it while not costing them any deposits at all.

Consider the fast rising trend of the 1 hour free play casino bonus many casinos are now offering it. However there still are plenty that do not. This is why when you are searching for a good casino to join you should always check out what their policies are on the 1 hour free play casino bonus. If your main intention is to enjoy playing games then you should probably be better off with a casino that does reward the 1 hour free play casino bonus instead of one that does not.