Casino Birthday Bonus – Get your Birthday Bonus from Online Casinos

A birthday is meant to one of the happiest days of your life. However, sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be so because of several factors such that you feel the hype, but you have nothing to show off for it. For example, your friends may just forget about it and even you might be too busy or broke to come up with any plans. Fortunately, with online casino birthday bonus, you can be sure of raising your spirit as you anticipate to winning anything special the casino company has set up for you. There is, however, no definite way those casinos categorize this bonus offer. While some use them as incentives to attract new Gamers, others can just keep it to themselves and wait for the big day and surprise you.

Casino birthday bonus come in different forms. In one form, the casino can simply offer you a simple reload offer of the bonus while in another form, the bonus may be a no deposit cash bonus for free. However, the latter form of bonus is reserved mainly for players who have been able to previously deposit some money to the casino account.

Whichever the case, being on the receiving end of a casino birthday bonus gift is such an incredible experience and an incentive as well. You will be happy to spin on the reels or hitting the jackpot on your big day.

If you are a regular depositor and you have just enrolled with a casino, the first step to do to get this casino birthday bonus is to get back to the casino in form of an email. Just draft a nice email within a day or two to your birthday, include your account number and some good points that make you like playing at that particular casino.

It is possible that you may be enrolled in different casinos; the simple thing you do is draft one email and sent to the others but be careful about editing specific parts. Sometimes, casino birthday bonus can be accessed by first time depositors. However, to access a no deposit casino birthday bonus, you need to be an online regular depositor. Since casino have different ways of handling this issue, most of them will send you an email to notify you on what kind of the bonus you have and the relevant details of how you can access the bonus.

If you are regular player, there is no harm for you to request for an extra bonus on your big day, the sad thing they can possibly say is negative to your request but you will lose nothing of course. The secret to winning this casino birthday bonus is to be as nice as possible then say as many nice things about the casino as possible, then ask for the bonus. You can also go an extra mile and try chatting like with the manager or send him an email directly. By directly speaking to the manager, you increase your chances of convincing and winning a bonus.

Apart from faithful true players on the internet, there are also game abusers, masquerades or impersonators who may take advantage of this bonus. The casino always have systems to counter this phenomenon. In this case, you may be required to verify your birth date and send the scanned copy of your photo through the email. If incase you don’t get any response on your birthday, it is advisable to contact the casino customer support for clarification on the casino birthday bonus and any questions you may have about the game.